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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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stand still. hundreds of people are stuck in their cars. they are on highway 101. let's bring in chp's trent cross. are you with us? >> yes, good evening. >> thanks for joining us. can you tell us the tanker is on its side now and traffic backed up for miles. set the scene here. how long are we looking at for cleanup and for all this traffic to come through? >> yeah, right now caltrans crews are working hard to clean up most of this wax at this -- that this truck was carrying but in order to safely unload the wax, another truck must arrive on the scene and which a hole must be drilled into the overturned truck and the wax removed from that truck into the new one so we are looking at approximately another hour and a half to two hours. >> so we are thinking perhaps 7:00 before the actual site itself is cleaned up. so it looks like people may be heading south on 101 might want to think about taking an alternate route. the problem here is that there's really no easy highway to cut across to and head back on your way. we are kind of isolated here.
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>> yeah, unfortunately, in this particular location there's not another alternate route that's going to get you through that particular area quickly and so we are just asking for people to please be patient. we are working very hard along with caltrans crews to try to get this thing restored as quickly as possible but it's definitely going to take some time because dealing with this type of load, you have to be very careful in how we unload it. >> are there safety concerns? is there any sort of -- i mean, you said it's wax, most of us might think of benign candle wax. is there something more involved here? is there a safety aspect involved? >> yeah, there truly is a safety aspect in the sense that physical it's -- if it's not unloaded properly we can run the risk of that truck breaking open and that wax being spilled all over the place and so we really don't want it to come down to that. we want to make sure that this load is cleared properly and safely so that it doesn't complicate the situation any more than it already has. >> okay and we see there are
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several emergency vehicles there on the scene. the driver of the truck, how is he or she doing? >> he's doing okay. just suffered some minor injuries. you know, this is one of those things that, hey, once we get the wax all cleaned up and restore the scene, no lives were lost, no one was seriously injured and so that's what's most important in this incident. >> okay. and finally, do we know what caused the tanker to flip on its side? >> right now it's still early in our investigation, but we are going to determine how this accident took place over the next couple of hours. >> sergeant trent cross with the chp thanks so much for joining us. it's going to be according to the come, probably around -- chp probably around 7:00 tonight before they have this mess cleared. in the south bay or in the bay area heading south on highway 101 you may want to try 17 or just sit and wait it out because we are looking at an hour and a half, possibly two hours before this mess on highway 101 is cleared. we will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you updates as we get them.
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meanwhile, there are security concerns tonight about a bay area based social media giant that some of the personal information people used to set up their account is being shared without their knowing it. ktvu's allie rasmus live in san francisco now with more. >> reporter: everyone on facebook has a user i.d. associated with their profile page and in some cases it's a nine digit number, in my case it happens to be my first and last name. but facebook warns that when users access certain applications on their site, their user i.d. can be passed along to third parties and you may not know about it. >> the user i.d. is like a key. it may be a random number but it's a specific random number. it's a number that is unique to each account and with that key people can go to facebook and find out more information about the user behind it. >> reporter: kurt is an attorney with the nonprofit electronic frontier foundation. he says the amount of information third parties can see when they have your user i.d. depends on your privacy settings. if your photos or status
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updates are limited only to your friends, advertisers can't see that info. but he he says there is some information on your page that cannot be made private, like your name, gender, profile picture and your networks. >> so it could be used for nefarious purposes. i'm not saying this is what these advertising networks are going to use it for but once it goes out to one party, it can then be transferred to a third party, fourth party and so on. >> reporter: facebook admits this conflicts with torres privacy -- its privacy policy. in a statement released last night, the company says press reports have exaggerated the implication of sharing a user i.d. knowledge of a user i.d. does not enable anyone to access private information without explicit user consent, nevertheless we are committed to insuring that even the inadvertent passing of user i.d.s is important. >> i think that if you should have a capability at least to know who it's being sent to. >> it doesn't bother me because everything that i put up on
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facebook i know -- i already know eventually somewhere down the line people are going to see it. >> reporter: facebook says it's working with application and game developers to fix the problem. in the meantime, he recommends facebook users check their applications. >> turn off the ones that you're no longer using that you don't really feel a need for anymore because as long as they are on the authorized list they can still access information. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation has a step by step guide on how to eliminate some of the applications and also how to change the settings on the applications so that they limit the amount of information, personal information they have access to and for that link you can go to our website, it's live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. apple has surpassed expectations marking its best quarterly earnings yesterday. they reported this afternoon that its net income soared 70% last quarter from july through september, apple sold 14.1
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million iphones and 4.2 million ipads. the company earned a staggering $4.3 billion during its fourth quarter. it has been a fixture in vallejo for decades but today a 7-up bottling plant is closing its doors after 60 years in the city the plant is closing today eliminating 90 jobs. the dr. pepper snapple company which operates the plant says it will be more efficient to do work outside of vallejo. the company says it will transfer its workers to other facilities. the closest plants are in sacramento, petaluma and san leandro. a vegetable packing company has recalled 24,000 pounds of its frozen products after determining some packages might contain broken glass. the vegetables are sold nationwide at wal-mart stores and kroger grocery stores. here are the products and the best buy dates of those that are affected. great value 12-ounce steamable sweet peas with best buy dates of july 20th of 2012 and july 21st of 2012. also great value 12-ounce steamable mixed vegetables that
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have a best buy date of july 15th of 2012. if you find those vegetables in your freezer. take them back to the store for a full refund. service on the san francisco muni metro system is being delayed this evening by a mechanical problem. muni says there's a signal malfunction at the embarcadero station. the glitch is forcing inbound light rail trains to run at reduced speed. at this point there's no word yet on how late those trains are running but we know delays are expected to last throughout the evening commute. the managers of a san francisco printing plant are facing manslaughter charges in connection with a 2008 industrial accident that ended up killing a pregnant worker. 26-year-old margaret rita -- margarita hoe heat toe -- mojito was crushed to death. prosecutors says she had not been trained to safely operate the machine and that it lacked required safety devices. prosecutors say the company's owner and ceo and a plant
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manager alec young could be in court as soon as tomorrow. the california state bar association is now responding to a study issued statewide by a group from the santa clara university law school. the report cited hundreds of cases where courts found misconduct by prosecutors but very little accountability or disciplinary action. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose tonight with more on this. robert. >> reporter: frank, we are here at the hall of justice in san jose and this is just a partial list of upcoming trials generating media and public interest. now, the statewide report reviewed thousands of cases to find the confirmed misconduct and that lack of accountability and now it appears some changes are coming. >> change in the next week or so. >> reporter: law students at the northern california innocence project at santa clara university law school are learning about justice and that even as prosecutors, the goal is not just winning a case. >> prosecutors are ministers of
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justice, right, their goal is not to convict but to see that justice is done. >> reporter: professor is the coauthor of preventable error, a study released earlier this month through the innocence project. the study reviewed more than 4000 cases over a 13-year period where some type of misconduct was brought up. it found 707 in which the courts explicitly determined significant misconduct but that only six prosecutors were disciplined by the state bar association and the study also said judges often don't report misconduct if in their opinion the misconduct didn't affect the outcome. >> what are we doing with the system that not only gives prosecutors a pass, not only tolerates misconduct, but you know it really fosters misconduct. >> reporter: the state bar association is now reviewing the records of prosecutors cited in the report in its initial statement it pointed out the state bar does discipline when appropriate and where misconduct was willful and established by clear and convincing evidence. the innocence project is also
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calling for more transparency and public notice when there is misconduct and more ethics training for prosecutors. santa clara county district attorney dolores carr says her department has a program of reviewing and training that could be a good model and said even though legal cases are complicated, justice is not an idealistic or unrealistic goal. >> i think the prosecutors, the das throughout the state of california only want to convict the guilty and they want the innocent to go free. >> reporter: the innocence project says it is optimistic change will occur or certainly improvement pointing out in the first nine years of the case and study, no disciplinary action was taken. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. nearly a decade after the death of chandra levy, the trial for her accused killer has begun. jury selection is underway in washington, d.c. in the murder trial of enmar gained dekal
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gained dekalby. her body was not discovered until more than a year later. leafy was -- levy was a federal intern linked to gary condit. jury selection is expected to take most of the week. opening statements could begin next monday. victims in the deadly fort hood rampage testified today about the horror they endured that day. five witnesses told of being shot as they crawled to get away and at hearing the cries of a pregnant soldier who was among the 13 people killed in the mass shooting. 32 others were injured. this is the second week of a probable cause hearing for major nidal hasan. the army psychiatrist who faces a possible death sentence if convicted of the november 5th massacre. police in san diego county are investigating a crash involving a former nfl linebacker whose suv plunged over a cliff just hours after he was arrested for alleged domestic violence. carlsbad police say junior seau
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was the only person inside the cadillac suv when it was found just before 9:00 a.m. it was on a beach about 30 feet below the roadside. he suffered only minor injuries in the crash. seau was reportedly released from jail around 2:00 p.m. after being accused of domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend. might be the quiet before the storm but san francisco giants fans are gearing up for the next showdown with the thrill la feelies -- philadelphia phillies. they will battle it out tomorrow game 3 of the national league championship series. john sasaki live now in san francisco with what's happening among fans today. >> reporter: here on the field at at&t park the giants are working out one day before game 3. they are doing a little batting practice right now and today inside the park and outside is definitely feels like the calm before the storm. the ballpark was mostly deserted today, no crowds out front or crush of media. the one place still busy was
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the giants dugout store. fans came to get their much needed team gear. >> i'm from the era of the grateful dead so i figured i would get something that bridges the young and old and i'm hoping the giants can do it with the new blood. >> baby, don't get much better than that. >> reporter: here already? >> i'm ready. this is it. we are good to go. the only problem is i don't have any tickets but that's all right. i'll watch it on tv. >> reporter: giants fever still blankets the city. the team flag flies outside the mayor's office and in civic center plaza. city supervisor shawn els bryne says the playoff baseball has been great for san francisco. although tomorrow the game is at 1:00 p.m. >> i'm a little concerned about city hall productivity tomorrow, especially the afternoon. i think that will be the true test. >> depending how the season goes, tragedy. >> reporter: halloween is just around the corner and giants excitement is something even this mask viewer is using to his advantage. >> this is italian mask right here, italian design, bouta with his chin so i've taken
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molds and redecorated them into more of a modern manner, in this case giants. >> reporter: back at the park, fans getting ready for the home games. >> i think they can do it. they are looking good. we are underdogs theoretically so that helps. >> we went to eat over here, went to see if there are tickets available. there are no indicts except for the -- no tickets except for the scalpers. >> reporter: we caught some of the phillies workout this afternoon too where that team seemed very loose including jimmy raulins who got the big hit in last night's win. live at san francisco's at&t park, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 5:30 we will go back to at&t park where the san francisco giants are talking about what they will do tomorrow to try to secure a second win against the phillies. it's an election mystery. why voters in one east bay city are being told to give their sample ballots a second look. also tea partyers call on a conservative celebrity. the efforts sarah palin helped launch today to help sway the november election. it certainly feels like fall out there.
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when i come back i'm going to show you which cities will be the warmest. it's warming up around there and we will have the details and the forecast coming up.
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more live pictures here of an overturned tanker that has created a mastiff traffic jam on southbound 101 between the bailey avenue and cochron avenues. there is a monster traffic jam stretching for miles. it's going to be at least 6:30 or 7:00 before all of these lanes are reopened. the problem is that truck is carrying wax and it's a very delicate operation getting the wax from that truck onto the on truck that you see there that just arrived moments ago. again, trent cross telling us at the top of this newscast probably 90 minutes to two hours before they get the lanes open. that would be 6:30 or 7:00. a story we will continue to cover both during this newscast and ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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president obama will be joining local democratic candidates on the campaign trail this week. the white house announced he will headline events on thursday in san francisco for congressional candidates and san francisco district attorney carmela harris. teamwork republicans using their -- tea party republicans using their own heavy weight to rally. today sarah palin was in the driver's seat of the tea party express. >> thank you for being here. >> sarah palin kicked off the fourth national bus tour for the tea party express this morning in reno, a state where senator harry reid is in a tight race with republican challenger sharron angle who won the primary largely through the support of the tea party. >> bless her heart, the stuff that they have thrown at her and just tried to clobber her with and yet she's still standing and -- >> reporter: palin pointed to the unemployment rate as one reason voters should as she
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called it, retire reid. >> here in nevada 14.4% unemployment, the highest in the nation, it's harry reid calling the shots making the policies, it so adversely affects you. why in the world wouldn't you fire him? >> reporter: during her speech she named several republicans running for state and national offices including california senate seat. >> we need people like sharron angle and joe miller and carly theory rena -- fiorina and christine o'donnell. >> reporter: the tea party group wants small government and for lawmakers to adhere more to the constitution, a movement that appears to be gaining momentum. >> tea party americans you're winning. you're winning. and the [ indiscernible ] don't know what the heck to do with you. >> reporter: palin cautioned a crowd against being overly confident and urged them to keep up the fight. >> it's worthy work and it is
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worth it. so keep smiling, tea party americans. may we always be happy and may our enemies know it. >> reporter: in all the tea party express will make 30 stops in 19 states stopping in new hampshire just in time for election day. hitting many states that are home to very closely watched races. it will be in southern california later this week. there are no bay area stops scheduled. opponents of san francisco's contentious reform ballot proposition hit the streets today to make a stand against prop were b. opponents, firefighters, nurses, teachers and latino community leaders were all out today distributing no on b signs and literature in the mission district. proposition b calls for city employees to pay more into the retirement system and to pick up more of the health care costs for their dependents. >> it is bad medicine for the city because it talks about pension reform but in reality what it's doing is that it's taking basic health care away from working families.
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>> supporters of proposition b say pension reforms are needed to avoid crippling cuts to city services. the contra costa clerk says one person reported receiving a sample ballot that did not contain measure t the proposal to increase the city's utility tax. if measure t is missing from your ballot, call the county clerk's office and you'll receive the correct sample ballot. the clerk's office says it has no idea why that measure was missing on some ballots. let's turn now to our chief meteorologist bill martin who will talk to us about a bit of a warmup in store. >> isn't it amazing how quickly it turns from summer to fall. we had sprinkles out there on sunday. up to 3/10 of an inch in santa rosa. the seasons have definitely changed around. i'm going to show you where the fog is right now and you'll see it in your ocean beach, san francisco, a little bit of fog showing up in the headlands in
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marin. in the outer sunset you've got fog as well and then out towards sauce lido it's clear -- . temperatures tomorrow going to probably be in the 70s, you know, mid-70s, warmer than today, most of us today were in 60s, low 70s. a cooling trend once we get out past wednesday into thursday and with that cooling trend there is a slight chance of a sprinkle as we roll into thursday night and friday. watch it. a couple of models are diverging right now. it looks as though we are going to see clouds for sure and cooler thursday, friday but there might be something that shows up thursday night into friday morning. we will watch it for you. 45 degrees tomorrow morning in napa, that's cool. 45 in santa rosa. those with winter temperatures right there. it gets colder obviously but when you wake up in santa rosa you'll notice the cool get go.
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tomorrow the high pressure builds in rapidly, southern california gets rain from that weak system that moved through here, moves south. temperatures go back into the 70s tomorrow. looks like a nice day on wednesday as well but as i mentioned, thursday and friday changes so when i come back i'm going to show you specific forecasts for your neighborhood when the rain will come. we will look at the storm tracker as well. see you back here. water officials in santa cruz county say they see signs that steelhead salmon might be making a comeback. scientists who count the fish say they have seen a significant jump and although they haven't compiled the latest numbers, they think that something is going on. they say that one reason might be that the area had a high level of rainfall last winter filling the lives and the creeks -- rivers and creeks and making it easier for steelhead to spawn. a war of words over the wealthy. the tax proposal that jerry brown says meg whitman is lying about. >> it's ridiculous [ no audio ] new at 6:00, they have already had their police force
5:24 pm
taken away. now there's even more fallout. more drastic cuts feared for a bay area city. plus. >> does what's missing from this newspaper help tell the story why public transit ridership is down? and the elections just around the corner and voters are developing some new habits, the many ways the face of voting is changing tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area news coverage. man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set?
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i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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the u.s. military is awaiting a judge's decision whether the "don't ask, don't tell" policy can be enforced while their appeal works its way through the courts. earlier today u.s. district judge virginia phillips says she is inclined to deny their request. the policy prohibits gays from serving openly in the military. last week the pentagon stopped all "don't ask, don't "don't ask, don't tell" related discharges. the pentagon has said it will follow the judge's decision. well, there's no let up on the campaign trail. the two main candidates for
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california governor continue their battle of words. ktvu's rita williams is keeping an eye on today's accusations. she is in the newsroom now with our live report. rita. >> reporter: with just two weeks before the election, voters seem to know the two major candidates for governor, republican meg whitman and democrat jerry brown and that seems to be the problem. a recent ppic poll shows about half the voters surveyed are dissatisfied with both of them. >> so i'm very proud to be here and endorse and present jerry brown as our next governor of the state of california. [ applause ] >> reporter: dissatisfaction or not, someone will be elected governor and today california's former governor wants to be governor again, jerry brown was in san francisco picking up the endorsement of asian pacific islander leaders and he again was criticizing his opponent for not releasing how much money she herself would save
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under her proposal to eliminate the capital gains tax, which he favors keeping. >> she can talk all she wants but the truth is she wants to enrich herself and her contributors and the very wealthiest people in our society. >> reporter: in a satellite interview a few minutes later i asked former ebay ceo and billionaire meg whitman to respond to her opponent's accusations. >> well, it's ridiculous that jerry brown is asserting that i'm running for governor to make money. okay, he said what i'm going to make 10 or $15 million in capital gains? i don't even know if that's the right number but lets say it is. anyone in their right mind would not spend $140 million to save $15 million. >> reporter: whitman says eliminating the tax would create jobs as for president obama and his wife coming here to stump for her opponent. >> you would not have all these democrat leaders including the president of the united states city sending -- descending on california if they weren't worried that i was winning and the other races were not going
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their way. >> reporter: the most recent poll showed jerry brown a few percentage points ahead of meg whitman. reporting live from the newsroom, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for complete election 2010 coverage on click on news then click on politics. well it was a good day on wall street. the two pieces of news that fed today's rally. also and no game today but not exactly an off day for the giants and phils. live report coming up from at&t park in san francisco. and protecting the public, the green chemistry forum in health today. what it's trying to keep out of your home.
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the san francisco giants are getting ready for game 3 tomorrow afternoon in their
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playoff series against the phillies. the seer res- currently -- series is currently tied at one game apiece. and joe fonzi talked to both the giants and phillies today about where things stand including phillies shortstop jimmy rawlings who grew up here in the bay area and joe fonzi is live tonight at the ballpark for us. >> reporter: not much rest for either team as they got on their respective charters after last night's game in philadelphia, flu all the way -- flew all the way across the country and arrived in the wee hours this morning. both teams then on the field here today for light workouts but that's playoff baseball. the phillies hit the field first, but with a little bounce in their step after evening the series with a 6-1 win last night in philadelphia. the big hit in that game was provided by a bay area guy, jimmy rawlings who drove in three runs with a bases loaded double. rawlings expects things to be different in san francisco, even when it comes to something as basic as the way you pick up
5:33 pm
the flight of the ball. >> it's clear right behind on plate you have a lot of orange and black going on so -- which is different for us. we see a lot of white and red so to see a ball come up with the different colors and how deep it is back behind play is completely different from where we are used to playing. that's why our home field advantage is big. you're used to your ballpark, you take 81 games at your ballpark, you learn those things, you learn how to make the adjustments and you find yourself, you know, being able to take advantage. >> reporter: one guy who liked things just fine in philadelphia was the giants cody ross, ross hit three home runs in two games in philly, a big reason why san francisco beat phils ace roy halladay in game one. >> he's a good player and, you know, he's a realized player before we got him. we knew it and it's worked out great for us and gives us another power bat in the lineup. >> reporter: fair to say both teams would be just fine with today's weather if that repeats
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tomorrow. tomorrow is a 1:00, an afternoon game and it was beautiful out here today. i think both teams would be happy if that's what they had again tomorrow. i'll have the pitching matchups for you for game 3 tonight in sports at 6:00. until then, reporting live from at&t park in san francisco, i'm joe fonzi. >> and don't forget you can watch game 3 of the nlcs live right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. and we continue to monitor breaking news happening in the south bay where a tanker truck has overturned on southbound 101 between the bailey avenue and corchran exits. we know that special crews have been called in to unload the wax that this truck was carrying when it turned over. that has to be done before the scene can be cleared. we spoke with the chp about half an hour ago and they tell us it could be 7:00 tonight before the accident scene is clear. traffic on southbound 101 is backed up for miles into the
5:35 pm
san jose and general bay area. there's no really easy route to get around. southbound 101 is a main artery so you may want to wait this one out, again, the chp saying it could be 7:00 before the accident scene is clear. bank of america announced today it will resume foreclosure actions in 23 states next monday. b of a will refile paperwork for 102,000 cases in state where the action requires a judge's approval. the bank will continue to delay about 30,000 foreclosures in 27 states that do not require that court approval. delays will continue here in california. b of a was the only bank to halt foreclosures across the country after evidence revealed the bank filed documents that employees did not actually read. bank of america is one of the big banks being blamed for a pile of foreclosed properties waiting to come on the market and that's why some say the bottom is nowhere in sight but reporter mike tobin explains
5:36 pm
this is not bad news. >> reporter: it is making a much bigger mess of the housing market. but trying to pinpoint who or what is to blame is a tough call. some blame people who overtended themselves. others say the banks are at fault citing the so-called robo signers controversy, where a computer signed off on many documents. attorneys general in many states have opened a joint investigation into possible mortgage fraud. meanwhile some of the biggest banks in the country have put many of their foreclosures on hold until the paperwork issue gets sorted out. >> we haven't hit bottom in the foreclosure market because there's such a huge inventory of homes for which the paperwork hasn't been processed. >> reporter: things could get worse before they get better. experts say banks have so many foreclosed houses on their books when they release all that inventory for sale, prices are expected to plunge even further. >> we are going to see a financial tsunami over the next year to year and a half when
5:37 pm
the banks that have all this inventory unleash it on the market once they see even a minor uptick in real estate prices. >> reporter: experts estimate there are about 5 million foreclosed homes currently on the market. real estate agents say they have two major clients right now, those who are desperate to sell to avoid foreclosure and those who think they can profit off other people's bad luck. in north brook, illinois, mike tobin fox five news. the bank's third quarter earnings topped expectations as the amount citigroup set aside for credit losses fell. shares up more than 4% sending a positive tone for a big week on wall street. this week dozens of top companies are due to report their third quarter results. good news on the housing front today. the housing market index for october released today rose for first time in five months. the index returned to the level it was back in june of this year. that means confidence from builders in the market for newly built single family homes is on the rise. but according to the national
5:38 pm
association of home builders, access to credit is still a major problem. both of those reports pushed stocks higher today. citigroup led financial stocks higher and builders sentiment encouraged -- builders sediment encouraged -- sentiment encouraged investor buy. wall street will be looking forward toward corporate earnings reports expected later this week to determine if the dow jones industrial will rise. for more financial and consumer news go to and click on the business tab. public health officials joined with environmental regulators today to look for ways to keep cancer causing chemicals out of consumer products. meeting at a green chemistry forum in sacramento experts says they wanted to make sure substances don't make it into products in the first place. >> this whole concept of green chemistry he to try to prevent pollution before it happens so we want to make sure our
5:39 pm
products are safe before they are sold on the street. how do we measure what's safe, how do we bring public officials and environmental folks together so today is the discussion day. >> regulators say california has often led the way in dealing with harmful chemicals and that the state can serve as an example for the rest of the nation. the date is now set, when sprint will roll out its new 4g network here in bate area and -- bay area and how much it will cost you. cpr's new technique could save more lives.
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the global recession has become less of a problem for people who can afford high end items. investment bankers at bane and company say this year's sales of luxury goods such as high end leather apparel, watches and jewelry may climb to their highest level since 2007. sales could reach $256 billion compared to $153 billion last year. analysts say people in china and the united states are the ones who are driving the demand. sprint announced today plans to launch its 4g network in the bay area in late december. the move is being made by a partnership involving sprint, clearwire and comcast. the companies say 4g will speed up downloads on smartphones and laptop computers using the company's mobile network allowing you to watch video without a lag. customers will have to pay an
5:43 pm
additional $10 a month for 4g service. new cpr guidance issued today say don't worry about mouth-to-mouth. while administering cpr people should get right down to pumping hard and fast on the chest. that will keep oxygen rich blood flowing to the brain until drained rescuers can take over. recent studies have shown cpr without mouth-to-mouth works as well or better than the traditional method in most cases when people suffer cardiac arrest. scientists say they have identified the eight human papilloma virus types responsible for more than 90% of cervical cancer cases around the world. the international team of researchers says those hpvs should be the target for the next generation of vaccines. there are more than 118 different hpv types. cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide and is expected to kill 328,000 women this year. the city of lights is on alert tonight. the security threat that french
5:44 pm
officials are taking very seriously and who tipped them off. plus the service being offered to parents concerned about the chemicals inside their children's toys. we do have weather changes coming your way and big baseball games just across the bay over here. i'm going to have the forecast, let you know what you can expect for the games. new at 6:00, they have already had their police force taken away. now there's even more fallout, more drastic cuts feared for a bay area city. plus. >> reporter: does what's miss franchising this newspaper help tell the story why public transit ridership is down. and the election is just around the corner and voters are developing new habits, the many ways the face of voting is changing, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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government officials in france are warning of a possible strike by al-qaeda in europe. france's interior minister said he was informed by saudi intelligence officials that a branch of al-qaeda in yemen was
5:47 pm
planning an attack. that same group is believed to be responsible for attempting to blow up a jet headed for detroit last christmas. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we have had some information reports during the past days confirming the reality of the threat. >> the latest threat follows reports of recent terrorist plots in germany, france and britain. in those cases as as well the threats were considered credible but not specific. it wasn't terrorism but dissatisfaction over pension reform that brought transportation to a halt for thousands of people in france today. aviation officials asked airlines to cut flights to french airports by half in response to workers strikes. refinery workers are also blocking fuel supplies leaving it difficult if not impossible for many flights to refuel. the unrest comes in response to the french government's plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. the french parliament is scheduled to vote on that plan on thursday. coming up next at 6:00, late word tonight about the
5:48 pm
fate of a bay area man who has been missing for some time in mexico and the news is not good. let's go to our newsroom now where julie haener has a look at some of the other stories we are working on. >> reporter: also at 6:00 continuing coverage of that accident that is causing a big traffic backup and virtually shutting down a bay area freeway in one direction. we are now being told it could take up to eight hours to unload the wax that that big rig was hauling. also ahead tonight in the bay area, city set to discuss a crucial question involving its fire department. what the city council is considering and what it has some people very concerned. plus new ridership numbers are in for bay area transit systems. what those numbers may indicate about the economy and whether it's getting better or worse. and what's disappearing on more and more airlines, airplanes. it's something most passengers probably won't be too disappointed to hear. we will see you at 6:00. the contra costa county health services department plans to hold testing in pittsburgh later this week looking for lead in toys.
5:49 pm
parents can bring in as many as three toys to the adult education center saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at 1001 stoneman avenue. the results will be instant telling parents if there's any danger of lead contamination. lead can be particularly harmful to young children affecting their physical and mental developments. let's talk about the weather. bill we have got games 3, 4 and 5 tuesday, wednesday and thursday. what's it looking like? >> things looking pretty good. specific forecast for the three games coming up in just a moment. it did warm up today. these are the current temperatures. i used colors to depict kind of what you got there. you don't see a lot of red. that's because we are not seeing 80s. even in sacramento 73 degrees, little fog along the coast. these were the highs from today. warmer than yesterday and in fact we did get a little rain, up to almost 3/10 of an inch in santa rosa. what's happening now is the cool air that moved through here, barely warmed up today is going to linger overnight so longer nights as the days are getting shorter, nights getting
5:50 pm
longer, going to be cold. overnight lows in the mid-40s. you will notice it when you wake up. even if you're in redwood city or fremont, 55, 53 degrees, it's going to be cool in the morning hours. the extended forecast out past thursday, cools down, more clouds, maybe a few sprinkles. forecast highs tomorrow warmer than they were today. baseball weather, tomorrow we start at 1:00, 68 degrees, wednesday it's a 4:00 start, 4:30 start time, 63 and then thursday 61, all three days no rainouts, no real issues. i think baseball weather all three games going to be outstanding for the bay area and it's going to be beautiful too because when the national cameras are here and you see the bay area in this kind of weather pattern is looks good for the visitors bureau. the high pressure goes offshore tomorrow. that's why it's warmer. we see it begin to break down as we go into wednesday and then thursday and then you get the clouds coming in here thursday night into friday, maybe a sprinkle. maybe a sprinkle. this isn't a big deal at all. but neither was the last one.
5:51 pm
so this time of year it wouldn't be hard to get a few sprinkles especially north bay out this thing. thursday night and friday morning a little bit of wet on the commute. afternoon tomorrow, 70 degrees, a broad brush of temperatures. you could see near 80 degrees in the warm spots tomorrow. forecast high on fairfield, close to that, 78, 78 in danville. we officially get good air quality and you notice we are not talking fire danger because we got a little bit of rain. that helps and then we are going to get through this fire season you know relatively unscathed. got my fingers crossed because this next week it looks like pretty mild conditions and we are in the height of fire season as you know so there's your five-day forecast, baseball weather outstanding and you get the whole roll, certainly the whole country watching san francisco on a night like tomorrow and the next couple of nights perfect. >> thank you. with millions out of work, why some lawmakers are pushing not for new jobs but higher paychecks for those who are working and how it could benefit us all. the ktvu channel 2 news
5:52 pm
stock report brought to you by kaiser permanente. man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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the california medical board today opened a hearing to suspend or revoke the license of dr. michael company rafah -- michael kamrava. he also nadya suleman conceive her children. he implanted an unheard of number of embryos into suleman
5:55 pm
violating national standards of character and endangerering her health and -- endangering her health and the health of the babies. some members of congress want to increase the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour. they are touting the idea as an economic stimulus. ktvu's carol hahn reports from our washington bureau. >> reporter: the argument for raising the minimum wages is that people who make more spend more, specifically $5.5 billion more. that's how much economists estimate consumers racked up in new spending after the federal minimum wage went up to $7.25 last year. >> what better way to stimulate the economy than to just make sure that people get a fair wage for the work that they do. >> reporter: a recent poll of more than 3000 registered voters by the public religion research institute found that 2/3 of those surveyed supported raising the minimum wage to 10 bucks an hour. >> i really don't know about that. >> reporter: because labor analyst james s. hurk says good luck getting businesses to spend more in this uncertain economic environment. >> businesses have money that
5:56 pm
they could invest. the problem is that entrepreneur and businesses are not seeing good opportunities to create wealth. >> reporter: but jobs advocates argue it's in corporate america's best interest to invest in higher wage jobs and here's why, according to the u.s. labor department, why the recession has robbed the economy of millions of good paying white collar jobs most of the job growth this year has been with low wage work, a big problem. >> because if we want to get back not only to previous levels of employment, but more importantly previous levels of consumer spending, we are not creating jobs that are going to get us anywhere close to that. >> reporter: people pushing for the minimum wage hike tell me they realize it's a long shot especially this year, but they want to see the private sector do something especially since businesses right now are sitting on more than a trillion dollars in excess cash according to the federal reserve. in washington, carol hahn, ktvu channel 2 news. and there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is
5:57 pm
next. does what's missing from this newspaper help tell the story of why public transit ridership is mostly down? i'm consumer editor tom vacar. that story still ahead.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a bay area city on the verge of dismantling its fire department. who would step in and fill the void? that is the debate going on right now. also a live look at news chopper 2 where an overturned big rig is creating headaches for commuters on a busy bay area freeway and we are learning it will stay closed for hours. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. more now on developing news in the south bay. that's where an overturned tanker truck is carrying wax and it's creating big problems for the evening commute. we want to show you live pictures now from news chopper 2. right now the chp is trying to move that tanker off the road in order to pump out that wax so that the trailer can then be towed away. authorities say that process could take up to eight hours to complete. the crash happened a few hours ago on southbound highway 101


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